Do US Tourists In Europe Need To Learn Other Languages?

Visiting different countries can be more fun and memorable if you can easily communicate with the people who live there. This can only be possible if you know the language they use. Though English is known to be a popular language that most countries make use of, there are still places where they use their national language and can hardly speak English. If you want to visit Europe and stay there for a while, then you should know that there are countries where people are not yet that good in speaking English. So, in order for you to speak to them, you should know what particular language they use like for example in Scandinavian countries.

Why Should a US Tourist Learn other Languages When Going to Europe?

It can be a struggle for you to talk to some people in the European countries who can’t speak in English well. Though it is not a must, US tourists should know that it would be better for them to study other languages for them to enjoy their stay, not just the place but also the people. This will make it easier for you to know more about their culture if you can comfortably deal with them.

On the other hand, you only have to know the languages in Europe that most people make use of. Europe is a place of many languages but it doesn’t mean that you have to learn them all especially if you are only one of the American tourists in Europe. You can make a list of the most spoken languages in Europe so you can have an idea where to start. Listed below are some of the languages that you need to give enough time if you want to learn.

  • The most used language in Europe is Russian. You might be surprised why this language is on top of the list. The challenge on learning this language somehow makes it popular.
  • Did you know that German language is next to English when it comes to the most widely-understood language? 
  • For those who want to travel around the continent, learning how to speak French can be plus. A large percentage in Europe consider this their second language. 
  • If you want to enjoy an Italian way of life during your stay in Europe, then learn how to speak Italian.